„Gardens are like good, old friends, they can comfort, bless, reconcile and inspire“

It is our greatest interest to create gardens that are special and stand out from the crowd. A completed garden should give us the feeling that we have created something unique and that we, as well as our customers, are filled with a certain pride. That is why the design and the creative part of our work is very important to us. In order to achieve this, the ideal prerequisite would be a garden or garden part, which can be completely re-created and less, only functional work.

Your contact person:

Stefan Wentzel Erlangen

Grew up in an artist family, a trained landscape gardener with many years of professional experience. English language skills through several trips abroad.

Our services at a glance:

  • Pond systems, Koi ponds, water pools, pools, wells, waterfalls, streams
  • Stonework with ceramic tiles and natural stone
  • Design and creation of mosaics
  • Design and construction of manhole covers
  • Complete garden planning and new installation
  • Woodwork: wooden terraces, benches, visibility
  • Working with various materials: stone, ceramics, wood, metal, plastic
  • Permanent perennials and shrubs
  • Fancy features: fireplaces, gardening, outdoor toys
  • Installation and installation of garden lighting
  • Processing of stone carpet, micro cement and fiberglass
  • Stone gardens, installation of rocks, and boulders
  • Japanese gardens and garden parts
  • Different styles: e.g. Urban, modern, natural or unusual

We are a garden design company specializing in the creation of exclusive private gardens.

Our location is in Erlangen, so our customers are mostly located in the Greater Erlangen / Nuremberg area. Our gardens often differ significantly in design, quality, and workmanship from those of our colleagues. In doing so, we attach great importance to a technically and artisanal solid work and also care about discreet details. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to implement even difficult work at a reasonable budget. The use of new materials, such as stone carpet and micro cement, creates a modern seamless look.


Your contact person: Stefan Wentzel